Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator
Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator

Ecological Turnaround

Sand lizards in Vienna, 2021 (Photo: Alexandra Uccusic)

Based on the understanding that an “ecological turnaround” is essential, Andreas J. Hirsch researched and wrote about the work of inspiring pioneers in the field of ecology.

In 2011 he published the book Hundertwasser – The Art of the Green Path about the work of the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, together with curating an exhibition of the same title for the 20th anniversary of KUNST HAUS WIEN.

In 2016 he wrote the book Soil Lives! The Live and Work of Annie Francé-Harrar, an ecologial pioneer and early warner about about ecological desasters.

Together with the painter Alexandra Uccusic, since 2009 he has been collaborating in the biodiversity project for creating and documentating a habitat for sand lizards and other species in Vienna.