Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator
Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator


Books by Andreas J. Hirsch as author or editor.

WALKING IN YOUR SLEEP 88 Photographs & 33 Songs

A book with photographs and lyrics by Andreas J. Hirsch The Story of the Book While photographing at an old villa from the late fin de siècle on the hills above Vienna in 2016, in the final months before its demolition, Andreas J. Hirsch immerses himself in memories from the […]

Hans-Michael Koetzle – Let’s Talk About PHOTOGRAPHY

“Reden wir über Fotografie (Let’s Talk About Photography). Honored having been entrusted with the editorship of this new book by the distinguished photo historian Hans-Michael Koetzle. The German Photographic Society (DGPh) honored Koetzle in October 2022 with their Cultural Award for his contributions to photography. The book contains essays and […]

HUNDERTWASSER in NEW ZEALAND – The Art of Creating Paradise

“Hundertwasser in New Zealand is a richly illustrated and accessible account of the artist’s love of Aotearoa, his interaction with the people and land, and the influence these had on his work. In superb, lucid prose, eminent curator and writer Andreas J. Hirsch outlines the key stages of the artist’s […]

HR GIGER, Taschen

HR GIGER – Monograph of the Artist

“HR Giger created his own mythology .., encoding it into his paintings like DNA. In his work, he created a pictorial history that will be read as myth in a future whose proximity or distance we cannot yet ascertain. Until then, Giger’s art tell us something about a possible future […]

Alchemists of the Future

Alchemists of the Future – Ars Electronica Futurelab

“It is an institution like no other, with an eventful history of 25 years now behind it. Compared with the common academic or industry research and development lab, this unit is rather small, comprising a staff of a mere three to five dozen people. It is neither an academic institute […]

The Practice of Art and AI


“A phantom is roaming around the world, visible at certain points, but mostly hidden from plain sight, moving stealthily into every area of life and work, and into every private recess. It comes in the guise of the epitome of progress, promising increased efficiency and profit to some, absolute control […]

Beethoven in Vienna


“Life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven are surrounded by a myriad of legends and fictitious stories, of heroic and idealistic accounts and attempts to possess him. Beethoven’s lifetime at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century may – a good two hundred years later – seem alien […]

Vienna - Portrait of a City

Vienna – Portrait of a City

“The invention of photography was also quickly picked up in the Biedermeier idyll of Vienna. As early as 1839, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre sent from Paris some of his first images to Metternich, who showed them to the emperor and had them exhibited in the Art Academy. Metternich dispatched the […]

Andreas J. Hirsch, Creating the Future – A Brief History of Ars Electronica 1979–2019


“In 1979, long before anyone started speaking about a ‘digital revolution,’ in the unlikely setting of the small industrial town of Linz in Upper Austria, close to the Iron Curtain, three men—the director of a television station, a musician, and a scientist, who also wrote science fiction—launched a visionary festival […]

The Practice of Art and Science

The Practice of ART and SCIENCE

“Encounters of art and science, or, more precisely, of artists and scientists, have enjoyed rapidly growing interest and attention in recent years. The romance of art and science has a long history, albeit a mixed one. Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), the artist and polymath active in the Florence of the […]

Hundertwasser – The Art of the Green Path

Hundertwasser – The Art of the Green Path

“The time is ripe for a renaissance of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Born in Vienna as Friedrich Stowasser (1928—2000), this painter was among the most interesting and original protagonists of the international art avantgarde of the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1970s he went on to join the ranks of the twentieth […]

Tina Modotti

Tina Modotti – Photographer and Revolutionary

“Perhaps it was her compassion, her passionate altruism that was the essence of her life and her work as a photographer. Perhaps it was her compassion that made her a true revolutionary. And perhaps that is why ultimately, her work as a photographer escapes the aura of being fragmentary and […]


Pablo Picasso – Myths, Fables, and Models

Pablo Picasso “ .. we see Picasso sitting in his studio in the dark of night, a studio that for him is the Corrida Arena under the blazing sun, the arena in which he works indefatigably on the myth while the myth, at the same time, works in him — […]