Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator
Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator

Pablo Picasso – Myths, Fables, and Models

Pablo Picasso

.. we see Picasso sitting in his studio in the dark of night, a studio that for him is the Corrida Arena under the blazing sun, the arena in which he works indefatigably on the myth while the myth, at the same time, works in him — not although, but precisely because, he fuses it with his own biography. We hear him calling for Rembrandt’s deepest black, we see him focus on his model with the concentrated desire that the years have distilled into the painter’s perfect gaze, like the faun reaching for the sleeping woman in the light of the afternoon.”

From: Andreas J. Hirsch, The Oscillating Self-Image in the Myth, first published in:
Andreas Hirsch (ed.), PICASSO — Myths, Fables and Models, KUNST HAUS WIEN, Vienna, 2009

Exhibition “Picasso — Myths, Fables and Models”, 3 April — 5 June 2009, at KUNST HAUS WIEN, Vienna, curated by Andreas J. Hirsch

Presenting 120 graphic works by Pablo Picasso from five of his creative periods over half a century. In cooperation with the Grafikmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster.