Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator
Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator

HR Giger

He curated the exhibitions “HR Giger – Dreams and Visions” (Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna, 2011), and “The Art of Biomechanics” (Lentos Art Museum, Linz, Austria, 2013), as well as the multimedia project “HR Giger’s World” (Deep Space, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria, 2013 and 2018).

He wrote the essay of the only existing, comprehensive monography of HR Giger “HR GIGER” (Editor Hans Werner Holzwarth, Taschen Publishing House, Cologne, Germany, 2015 and 2021).

On October 22nd 2021, a new edition of this book in the TASCHEN 40 series comes out: https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/art/all/40700/facts.hr_giger_40th_ed.htm

HR Giger and Andreas J. Hirsch, Presentation “HR GIGER’S WORLD”,
Deep Space, Ars Electronica Center, 2013 (Photo: Tom Mesic / Ars Electronica)
Gerfried Stocker, Stella Rollig and Andreas J. Hirsch at the Opening of the Exhibition HR GIGER –THE ART OF BIOMECHANICS,
Lentos Art Museum, Linz, 2013 (Photo: Florian Voggeneder / Ars Electronica)
HR Giger and Andreas J. Hirsch, Linz, 2013 (Photo: Alexandra Uccusic)