Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator
Writer – Photographic Artist – Art Curator

LOVE OVER HATE – The Art of Peace

Fotos: Andreas J. Hirsch, From the Series: Love Over Hate (Rupert H., Composer, Vienna / Agnes A., Artist, Vienna), 2016

“At the beginning stood the observation that over the last couple of years we see a rising tide of hatred, dominating over love. Of course there has always been love and hate as part of human nature, but this time a delicate balance is getting lost. From small everyday situations to world politics we encounter hatred as the main motive everywhere. In order to contribute to the effort of making love stronger and winning over hate again, I asked artists to allow me to portrait them with an object of importance to them and to tell me about the meaning it carries related to their lives and work and to the topic of LOVE OVER HATE.”

Andreas J. Hirsch, 2016

This ongoing project started in 2016 and has received international recognition since then. Artists from several different countries and cultures have allowed Andreas J. Hirsch to portrait them for LOVE OVER HATE: Austria, Czech Republik, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Kurdistan/Iraq, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Syria, Uganda, Ukraine, and United States of America.

Works from this series received an Honorable Mention in the category “The Feminine Universe” at the 15th JULIA MARGARET CAMERON AWARD in 2020

Exhibition at Museo Casa Manno, Alghero, 2020
Curator: Valentina Piredda

Portrait of Sally Bibawy, 2018, on exhibit at Museo Casa Manno, 2020 (Photo: Mauro Porcu)

Love Over Hate – The Art of Peace Continues
VHS Landstraße, 2018

The exhibition was dedicated to the memory of Professor Rudolf Gelbard (1930–2018),  Holocaust survivor and political campaigner against fascism. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Gelbard

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – APRIL 29, 2016: Austrian Holocaust-surviver Professor Rudolf Gelbard at the Cafe Eiles in Vienna, Photo: Andreas J. Hirsch

Models at the opening of the LOVE OVER HATE exhibition in 2018

Davis O. Nejo with Andreas J. Hirsch, Vienna, 2018 (Photo: Alexandra Uccusic)
Linda Zahra with Andreas J. Hirsch, Vienna, 2018 (Photo: Alexandra Uccusic)

Some images from the series LOVE OVER HATE already went a long way:

My photograph of the Austrian singer and composer LIL MAXINE became part of the exhibition “Menschenbilder 2017” at the Prater in Vienna in September 2017, an initiative of Christian Jungwirth and Birgit Enge.

Lil Maxine in Vienna, 2017 (Photo: Michael Teufner)

The Making of LOVE OVER HATE

Photographing Roger Ballen
at the Anzenberger Gallery and on the compound of the Brotfabrik in Vienna in 2016.

Roger Ballen and Andreas J. Hirsch, Vienna, 2016 (Photo: Marguerite Rossouw)

Photographing Gabriele Udanch
at Galeria Cult in Alghero, Sardegna

Musical performance by Rupert Huber at LOVE OVER HATE exhibition
during eyes on Month of Photography Vienna 2016

Performance of Rupert Huber (Video: Lalaine Cerrada)